Collection: Purple Canvas Tote Bags

Hey there, fashionistas! Does your tote collection lack a certain... purple punch? Yeah, us too. Life's too short for boring bags, so we, the Purple Canvas Tote Squad, are here to inject some serious color into your world!

Also check out our large collection of beautiful totes and purses and choose your favorite canvas tote bag today!

Designed for you to Love!

The Difference You Deserve

The Difference You Deserve | Purple Power

  • Purple Power: We rock bold, beautiful shades of purple! You'll definitely stand out from the crowd (and maybe even get a compliment from a fellow purple lover!).
  • Space for Everything: Don't let our good looks fool you! Built canvas tough with plenty of room for all your essentials – groceries, library books, gym clothes, you name it! We're basically Mary Poppins' carpetbag in tote form, minus the bottomless pit situation.
  • Eco-Friendly & Strong: Ditch the plastic bags and join the reusable canvas bag revolution! Crafted from high-quality canvas, so we're also good for the planet and  tote bags built to last.
  • Simple Care: No fancy dry cleaning here! Just hand wash us with a little love and let us air dry. Easy peasy, just like you like it.