Collection: Floral Makeup Bags | Bloom with Style

We're more than just pretty faces (well, floral prints) We're a bunch of fun and friendly floral makeup bags, and pouches ready to bring a smile to your day and also keep your makeup mess under control!

  • We come in all sorts of beautiful flower patterns, so you can pick one that matches your unique style.
  • made from strong fabric that can handle all your makeup must haves.
  • Inside, we're soft and gentle, with a comfy lining that keeps your brushes and lipsticks happy.

We are not picky eaters! We're floral makeup bags and we love makeup, of course, but we're happy to hold all sorts of other treasures too.

Designed for you to Love!

The Difference You Deserve

 The Difference You Deserve

 Think toiletries, art supplies, anything that needs a little organization. We can also fit in your purse or backpack without feeling like a bulky monster.

So pick one of us! We'll keep your essentials organized, add a pop of color to your day. Let's bloom together!