how to organize reusable shopping bags

How to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags for Easy Stress Free Use

We all know reusable grocery bags are better for the environment than plastic, and although we're committed to the cause many of us still struggle with storing and how to organize our reusable shopping bags. But let's be honest, that tangled mess in your pantry can be frustrating! Fear not, fellow eco warriors, because with a little planning, your grocery bags can become an organized bunch.

How to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags

Step 1: Bag Boot Camp

Before you tackle the storage, sort through your bags. Toss any that are ripped or stained beyond repair. Be honest, are there any you never use? Put them to good use by donating them to a local charity or shelter!

Step 2: Folding Frenzy

Now for the fun part – taming the wild bags! Here are two easy folding methods that work great with our collection of canvas grocery bags:

  • The File Folder, how to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags. Lay your bag flat. Fold the sides inwards, meeting in the middle. Then, fold the bottom third up towards the top. Finally, fold the top third down to meet the bottom. This also creates a neat rectangle, perfect for stacking in a basket.
  • The Roll-Up: Lay your bag flat. Starting from the bottom, tightly roll the bag up towards the handles. Tuck the handles inside the roll for a compact shape.

Step 3: Finding Your Perfect Fit how to store reusable grocery bags

Now that your bags are folded like champs, it's time to find them a home! Here are some tips on how to organise your reusable shopping bags:

  • The Basket Brigade: Grab a basket you already have (think laundry basket or under-bed storage). File folded bags fit perfectly here, they are also like filing cabinets for your reusable friends!
  • The Hanging Hook Bunch: Have some spare hooks near your door? A few frequently used bags now have the perfect spot. Bonus points if they're cute and add a pop of color!
  • The Designated Drawer: Got a spare drawer in your pantry? Dedicate it to your reusable bags! Use drawer dividers to separate different sizes or types of bags.
  • The Repurposed Bag Bonanza: Got a giant, sturdy bag you never use? Designate it as the "holder of all bags." Also, fold or roll your other bags and stash them inside this mega bag. Talk about meta!
  • Bonus Tip: Car Clip: Keep a designated bag in your car for those unexpected grocery store stops. This way, you'll also never be caught without a reusable option!

How to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags

Moreover, with a little planning and these simple tricks, you can learn how to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags so that they can be a source of pride, not a cluttered eyesore. So go forth, conquer your reusable bag mountain, and continue to be a champion for the planet!  We need you!

The more you practice folding and storing your bags in your storage spot, the process on how to organize your reusable shopping bags becomes easier. Soon, that reusable bag pile-up will be a thing of the past, and you'll be a pro at grabbing your bags on the go! Visit our Pinterest page for great ideas on how to keep your bags in tip top shape.

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