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Our Floral weekender bag and floral duffel bags are for ditching the routine and embracing new adventures. Fear not, fellow wanderer! Because this season, we're saying "sayonara" to boring basics and hello to a blooming good time with our collection of floral weekender bags.

Floral weekender Bag Because Weekends Deserve a Touch of Whimsy

These aren't your average floral patterns, mind you. We're talking about custom designed beauties that burst with color and personality. Each bag is a portable canvas, ready to transform your weekend escape. So, ditch the drab and  let your luggage reflect your inner flower child!  We will introduce our favorite floral weekender bags, also see our cute travel bags


A. Blue Poppies: Where Wild Things Roam (in Style)


Do you crave the thrill of exploring uncharted territories? Then the Blue Poppy print is your floral soulmate. Imagine vast meadows brimming with these celestial blue blooms, all for you to enjoy. This print is the perfect partner for the weekend warrior who lives life in to the fullest, and is ready to conquer every corner of the globe.


B. Meadow Daydreams: Your Escape Awaits in Every Bloom


floral weekender cute travel bag Meadow

For those who find solace in whimsical escapes, the Meadow print offers a delightful invitation to a world of wildflowers. Picture a tapestry of blooms dancing in the summer breeze, rich color that lulls you into a state of serene bliss. This print is ideal for the dreamer who finds beauty in the simple joys, a reminder to slow down and savor every moment. 

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C. Classic Camellias: Tranquil Floral weekender Bag

Cute travel bag Camellia Abebe Booker


The Camellia print, with its delicate blooms in a soft color palette, exudes effortless elegance. It's bold and chic, perfect floral duffel bag for the weekend getaway. Imagine sipping tea on a quaint balcony, the Camellia print by your side, a reflection of your own graceful spirit. Because hey, even weekends deserve a touch of class!

D. Cornflower Fields: Floral weekender Bag For Sunshine and Smiles

Cute Travel Bag Abebe Booker

Embrace the sunshine and zest for life with the Cornflower print floral weekender bag. A sea of vibrant blue blooms captures the essence of a summer's day, promising days filled with laughter and joy. This print is ideal for the free spirit who finds beauty in every moment, their spirit as bright and cheerful as the cornflowers themselves.

E. Orchard Abundance: A Feast for the Eyes 


Floral weekender bag  Orchard Abebe booker

For the weekend warrior with mature taste, the Orchard print offers a feast for the senses. This unique print floral duffel bag is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, it's also a reminder that every escape can be an celebration of classic delights. 

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F. Azalea Serenity: Find Your Weekend Zen

floral weekender bag Azalea

The Azalea print duffel, with its delicate blooms in bold hues, offers a haven of serenity. Like a tranquil garden, the Azalea print a testament to the power of nature. This print is also ideal for the adventurer who craves a weekend of fun.  A reminder to find beauty in every nook and let your worries wilt away like yesterday's news.


So, ditch the dowdy duffels and embrace the blooming brilliance. Let your floral weekender bag be the finishing touch for a flourishing escape, a vibrant reminder that every weekend adventure is a chance to blossom.Also follow us on Pinterest for great Pins

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